27 April 2013

Contemplating North America

I was pleased to have the opportunity to take this photo from the rear observation car of VIA Rail Canada's westbound train #1, The Canadian, in early April, a trip I've hoped to make for a number of years. There's another dome car (one of three) further up the train, Rocky Mountains ahead, as well as passing freight headlight reflections dancing on the stainless steel car roof ahead.  (Some lens flare as well, but I'll take that for some further effect.)  Altogether, representative of the end of Mountain Day, the route's third full day of travel between Toronto and Vancouver.  Mountain Day (my unofficial nickname) follows Prairie Day and Forests Day, perhaps less dramatic but both engaging in their own ways.  If the idea of several days out of time (and often away from cellular signals), while viewing most of a continent, seems appealing, I'd strongly recommend the trip.

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