09 February 2023

Overlooking the ocean

 I visited Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, MA the other day, where the quarry was partly frozen over:

There was much Nice Ice to see:

I saw this sign:

I didn't think the Atlantic was an ocean that should be overlooked, so I went to the overlook to overlook the ocean. I quickly discovered that there were more Harlequin Ducks than I think I've ever seen in one place at a time, counting at least 18 in this view:
I came home with over 100 images of them, such as this lineup of interested males:

And a closer approach:
 Followed by dispersal:
And a flyer: 
And also some Long-tailed Ducks, including one whose expression seemed quite imperious:

It was a fine day out. I'm glad I went.

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